CrossFit Shellharbour's Gym is a core strength and conditioning fitness centre. Our modern CrossFit gym in Shellharbour City is open 6 days (Monday - Saturday).

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At our Shellharbour CrossFit gym we focus on raw and functional movement. The first thing you notice when entering our fitness centre is the lack of conventional gym equipment - tread mills, cable machines and mirrors!

CrossFit Shellharbour's gym comprises 700 square meters of floor space incorporating over 20 meters of rigging which provides a platform for multiple CrossFit workout routines and fitness exercises including squat racks, pull up bars, muscle ups, dips and many other weightlifting, body weight and gymnastic movements.

We have professional flush mounted wooden weight lifting platforms and rubber flooring throughout the gym where dropping your weights is not only allowed but encouraged. There are also many gymnastic rings and rope climbs which are great tools for building natural upper body strength and increase the fun factor that fitness workouts should incorporate.

For our weight lifting and barbell club members we have jerk blocks and snatch blocks along with Olympic quality barbells and weight plates. Our gym's extensive range of other fitness equipment includes polymetric boxes, wall balls, med balls, competition grade kettle bells, prowler sleds and concept 2 rowing machines - all incredible devices for increasing power and cardiovascular endurance.

The fitness centre has a secure and gated kids zone full of toys, a television, videos and video games providing entertainment for your children and a safe place to hang out while you train.

Our reception area and pro equipped gym shop offer the highest quality protein products from progenex, some necessary equipment: rumble rollers, gloves, wrist guards plus CFSC t-shirts and more.

Most of all there are constantly highly qualified Coaches onsite that want nothing more than to help you improve and reach your fitness goals.

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