Get Started

Get started at CrossFit Shellharbour City with a no obligation FREE comprehensive startup session.


A free introduction session will help you find out what we have to offer and what sets us apart.

1 on 1 or bring your friends and family and let us introduce you to what CrossFit is all about along with our individual philosophy and practice of using the CrossFit method for all round fitness. Find out what sets us apart from the rest and other standard gyms.


A free tour of our gym and the facilities we use to build a fitter, stronger and healthier community.

Let us show you around our gym facilities and introduce you to our equipment providing you with a better understanding of the programs and broad range of exercises that are possible in any given CrossFit workout, Barbell Club and Open Gym membership.


A free workout suitable to your fitness level so you can understand what CrossFit is really like.

What better way to learn than to get involved! We will get you started with one of our classes in action where we will provide suitable training and exercises to your current ability. Alternatively, if you prefer to just watch the class in action to start with you are welcome to do so.